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Augmented reality made possible with the SmartEyeglass SDK

SmartEyeglass is light-weight transparent lens eyewear with excellent brightness, allowing information to be superimposed and clearly viewed, in the wearer’s natural field of view. With the launch of the SmartEyeglass SDK (Developer Preview), we want to give developers an opportunity to start developing apps in the innovative field of in-view augmented reality. An emulator is included in the SmartEyeglass SDK, to make development easy.


Create customized AR solutions with LMX-001 holographic waveguide display

The LMX-001 displays clear information directly in the field of view of the user. The unit consists of an optical engine that
renders the monochrome green graphics, and a holographic waveguide glass plate projecting the image in front of the eye. The waveguide display is precision built to ensure maximum brightness and transparency, yet reinforced to meet the quality requirements for professional use.


Create themes for Xperia devices

With the Theme Creator BETA tool you can design professional-looking themes for Xperia smartphones and tablets. You can put your style on more than 300 graphical assets, from home screen buttons and icons to graphical items inside selected Sony signature apps. Theme Creator works together with Adobe Photoshop, and comes with a set of templates for you to use. Theme Creator is built to let you fully focus on design. Once you're ready, the tool automatically builds an APK file that can be installed on an Xperia device.


Improve sport performance with the Smart Tennis Sensor SDK

The Smart Tennis Sensor plugs into the end of your tennis racket and allows you to gather a range of data for every shot you make during the play. With the SDK, you get the possibility to develop your own customized tennis app for analyzing, presenting and sharing this data in real-time. There are also white papers on how to extract the data using the Smart Tennis Sensor app.

SmartWatch 3

Develop Android Wear apps for SmartWatch 3

Develop apps for SmartWatch 3 using the Android SDK together with the extended set of APIs from the Android Support Library and Google Play Services. SmartWatch 3 apps can display notifications, handle voice actions, access innovative sensor technology, and much more. The built-in GPS allows for exciting offline use cases in areas such as sports, exercise, or other outdoor activities where the phone is not available.


Camera Remote API beta SDK: Develop for Sony Action Cams, Lens style cameras and more

With this API you can create remote control apps which can access the camera functionality in a number of Sony cameras and lense style cameras for mobile phones.

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Become a registered PlayStation® developer

Join the ranks of other Registered PlayStation Developers and gain the ability to self-publish your games on the PlayStation® Network across PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita, and PlayStation® Mobile in the Americas.

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Archived SDKs

Sony offers developers a number of free SDKs and APIs across a wide product range. The following SDKs are no longer being supported by Developer World, but you can still use them to develop and experiment.