UW-Madison's Creative Heat Solutions Powered by Spresense at One Health Makeathon

In the recent "One Health Makeathon" at the University of Madison Wisconsin, a diverse group of undergraduate students came together to try to solve the rising issues related to extreme heat. Student teams explored interdisciplinary collaborations at the university's makerspace from September 29 to October 1, 2023, to develop solutions for high-risk populations from escalating heat challenges.

With Spresense sponsorship, students prototyped their proposed solutions, in collaboration with the Global Health Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Grainger Design and Innovation Lab, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

“Bucky-et Air Conditioner” by Jerry Miao won the Spresense prize. Miao's innovative creation offers an environmentally conscious cooling solution.

Utilizing Open Loop Phase Transition Cooling technology, it efficiently absorbs heat and provides refreshing cooling with Spresense's role as the controller to ensure precise management, showcasing its adaptability. The system's conveyor mechanism facilitates effective cooling through water evaporation, with the option to enhance it by adding ice, highlighting Spresense's significant contribution.

This event, in collaboration with SSUP, provided the opportunity for students from different majors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to explore prototyping with Spresense in a healthcare product solutions context, showcasing their innovative spirit as well as Spresense's potential to shape a sustainable and inclusive future.

Sensing Solution University Collaboration Program (SSUP) is a program that offers real collaboration opportunities for a network of partners, from university labs to teaching facilities. It encourages and supports research projects in the area of sensing solutions and promotes innovation and education.

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