Stanford University Explores Sony Spresense in the World of VR/AR/MR

Stanford University’s XR club recently hosted the “Immerse The Bay” hackathon on November 10-12. In the heart of Silicon Valley, this three-day open-door event brought together a community of VR/AR students to collaborate on cutting-edge XR projects.

To prepare the students for the hackathon, Spresense’s solution engineer, Armaghan Ebrahimi, and’s contest manager, Jinger Zeng hosted a hardware workshop to introduce students to Spresense - designed to enable developers to create innovative applications in areas such as IoT, robotics, and drone technology.

The workshop was opened with a speech on machine learning on embedded systems by Pete Warden, CEO of Useful Sensors, and previously the technical lead on the TensorFlow mobile team at Google. As the pioneer of TinyML, Warden gave students an overview of the current state-of-the-art technology, encapsulating LLM capabilities into a wallet-sized board running locally without the internet.

Following Warden's speech, Armaghan enthusiastically explored the impressive features of Spresense, showcasing its potential for advanced projects, including high-quality audio, advanced camera features, GPS, and various sensors.

The workshop inspired students to develop many innovative concepts for the hackathon. One group decided to build a prototype of a robot dog that helps visually impaired people navigate using computer vision and AI - showing off the students' tech skills and how Spresense can be used to impact real life positively.

In another project, a different group of students wanted to use Spresense's camera to let users control and keep an eye on their 3D printer from a distance, highlighting Spresense´s versatility, and seamlessly connecting with other technologies for enhanced functionality.

Both projects showcased the practical applications of Spresense, demonstrating its adaptability and potential impact on diverse domains.

The hackathon was a journey of learning and success for students. The expertise shared by industry leaders like Armaghan Ebrahimi and Pete Warden along with support provided by were instrumental in the students' journey, making possible a future of surprise and excitement through collaboration.

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