Sensing Solution University collaboration Program

Creating a future of surprise and excitement through collaboration

Sensing Solution University Collaboration Program- SSUP

SSUP is built around "Sensing" and "Collaboration". Our goal with the SSUP is to create innovative sensing solutions through open collaboration with a range of partners in higher education.

In doing so, we aim to create a world of surprise and excitement. The program offers real collaboration opportunities for a network of partners, from university labs to teaching facilities. It encourages and supports research collaboration in the area of sensing solutions, and promotes innovation and education.

What are Sensing Solutions?

Sensing the world with devices such as low-power consumption microcontroller computers and cameras, to create solutions for real-world problems as well as in the entertainment world. We aim to create a better future and bring surprise and excitement.

The SSUP conducts research collaboration programs. Sony Sensor Solutions Program provides research funding and lends free research equipment for research themes involving its sensing technologies. The SSUP also conducts related activities to encourage co-creation and to support education.

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Research Collaboration Program

Case examples

As part of the research collaboration, Sony Semiconductor Solutions will provide funding for research themes that utilize its sensing solutions.

▸ Achievements: More than 30 universities in Japan, the US, EU, India, and China.


San Francisco State University

Develop efficient deep learning algorithms to improve EMG-based neural-controlled bionic arm technology​.

ETH Zurich University in Switzerland

A research project working on deep learning for precision algorithms in smart agriculture, etc.

Cal Poly SLO

Development of Wearable Sensing Systems for Real-Time Monitoring and Decision-Making of Prosthetic Fit Conditions​.

The University of Liverpool

Sony Sensing Solution for Human Vital Signs Detection.

Equipment: Spresense


IIIT Bangalore

Design and development of an AI-robotic-based Rehabilitation System for Human Limbs.

SRMIST Chennai

Design and develop a modular autonomous robot for inspecting cracks in oil and gas pipelines.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore

· A smart and Precision Animal Farming for the health and welfare of the cattle.

· An Edge-based Cyber-Physical System for Smart Polyhouse Solar Drying of Agricultural Food Products;

IIT Delhi

Development of an intelligent extrusion-based polymer 3D printer for support-free part production.

Equipment: Spresense

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Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Indoor navigation for a smart wheelchair based on a TOF camera.

Chengdu Neusoft University

Monitoring and analysis of water quality for aquaculture, etc.

Dalian University of Technology

Intelligent service robot.

Southern University of Science and Technology

Fall detection for the elderly using Spresense & EVS.

Equipment: Spresense

Research Support Program

Case examples

We will support research by lending Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ sensing solutions equipment.

▸ Achievements: More than 16 research labs

Hashimoto Laboratory, The University of Electro-Communications

Research on Dynamic Projection Mapping. Synchronous imaging at the clock level between two cameras enables the recognition of the exact position and shape of marker-less moving objects in real-time.

■ Equipment: Dual Camera Kit. Please contact us directly for the Dual Camera Kit.

Figure: Object recognition by multi-camera

Photo: Example of setup in the laboratory

(Related activities) Promotion of co-creation and support for education

Case examples

SSUP will promote co-creation and support education through technical and planning support for related events and introductory classes.

▸ Achievements: Events in India, EU, US and Japan; introductory classes in more than 10 universities in Japan, EU, India and China


Indian National Hackathon Grand Challenge “SAMVEDAN 2021”

This event was co-organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras under the Government of India, and Sony India Software Center. Solutions using Spresense were developed for social issues in India, and the winning team received entrepreneurship support from the government.

Notice of final results

The "Ideathon and Hackathon of Sensing Solution" was also held in Japan.

Equipment: Spresense

[Introductory classes]

  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University (Professor Kenichi Ohara)

In undergraduate and master's programs, students conduct lectures and seminars using Spresense and participate in "Ideathons and Hackathons of Sensing Solutions". The results of these programs lead to graduation theses, master's theses, and SSUP research collaborations.

Other class introduction initiatives:

  • Undergraduate 3rd year, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University.

Mechanical and aerospace system training "Autonomous movement control of small mobile robots". (Elective subject, Professor Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Associate Professor Tadayoshi Aoyama, Assistant Professor Masaru Takeuchi).

  • Undergraduate 3rd year, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

The experimental topic is "Edge AI Computing" of Information Engineering Experiment No. 1. (Compulsory subject, Assistant Professor Mariko Isogawa).

Equipment: Spresense

* Currently, the programs are available in Japan, the US, EU, India, and China.

* Depending on the programs and equipment, the program may not be available in some regions.

* The application period, application conditions, and the number of projects vary for each program. Details will be announced from time to time, so please register and contact us if you are interested.

Equipment Introduction


A compact, low-power consumption board computer for IoT, with abundant computing power with its multi-core processors. A camera, GPS, high-resolution audio codec playback/recording, and built-in intelligent library enable low-power, edge AI on batteries.

Dual Camera Kit

This sensing PoC kit has been developed so you can focus on developing image and voice data processing algorithms without having to spend excessive time using image sensors. It comes with the hardware and software required for synchronized sensing with two independent cameras.

Stereo Camera Kit

Mounted on Sony Semiconductor Solutions' Vision Sensing Processor (VSP), this camera kit utilizes a hardware accelerator to quickly process data from stereo sensors, calculating distance information. With high power efficiency and support for up to 5 stereo inputs, the VSP is ideal for various edge computing applications, including autonomous drones.

ToF Camera Kit

This camera kit, powered by Sony Semiconductor Solutions' Vision Sensing Processor (VSP), features a "Time of Flight" (ToF) distance image sensor. It captures 2D image information and provides depth direction data, while the VSP's vision processor enables high-precision real-time processing, making it ideal for applications such as autonomous drones.

Click here for Spresense

Click here for Stereo Camera Kit and ToF Camera Kit

Please contact us directly for Dual Camera Kit.

* Depending on the programs and equipment, the program may not be available in some regions.

* SPRESENSE and logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

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The Sensing Solution University Collaboration Program (SSUP) uses technologies and products of the Sony Semiconductor Solution Group.

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