Sony Addon SDK package


This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

The Widget API, part of the Smart Extension APIs for Sony's smart accessories, enables the app extension to display a live image on the main menu of the accessory (like a preview of the app extension itself). Refer to Widget for a detailed description of the Widget API.


Widget.Intents Intents sent between Widget extensions and Accessory Host Applications.
Widget.AccessoryState An accessory can enter different states.
Widget.Category Specifies the category to which a widget belongs.



This class represents a view with state that changes over time.

Widget Widget API is a part of the Smart Extension APIs.
TimeLayout This class enables grouping of TimeView views.
TimeLayout.Gravity Contains constants for use with setGravity


TimeView.TimeType This enumeration represents the cyclic periods that the view supports.