Sony Addon SDK package

This project is no longer being supported and will not get any further updates.

The IR remote API allows you to list and control device objects registered through Sony's IR remote control app.


IrManager This interface defines three main methods required to activate IrManager, get registered devices, and inactivate IrManager.
IrManager.Listener This interface is a listener to IrManager and handles callbacks and notifications based on actions of the IrManager.
Key This interface defines the input Key command (executing a KeyType) and user label.
Device This interface defines methods to retrieve infomation on the device object and to send keys that the device object has.


IntentParams This class defines the Intents and related Extras.
IrManagerFactory This class instantiates a new instance of the IrManager


KeyType This class is a collection of IR remote keycodes.
DeviceCategory This is a list of constants used to identify various Device Categories controlled by IrRemote API.
Status This is a list of constants for debugging and error reporting purposes.