Segment JSON schema


The manifest is a required file that is used to define details about your segment including name, author, etc…
  "package": string (required),
  "manifestVersion": enum (required) [1],
  "name": string (required),
  "shortName": string,
  "author": object (required) {
    "name": string (required)
  "description": string (required),
  "version": integer (required),
  "versionName": string (required),
  "offlineEnabled": boolean,
  "background": object {
    "pollingInterval": integer (required)




The unique package name to identify the Segment.
The Segment cannot be registered to the server if there is a same name already existing.



The manifest version. Set the value to 1 here.


The segment's name to be displayed in the distribution Segment list.


The short name of the Segment.


Object of the author's information.


The author's name.


The description of the Segment


An integer value that represents the Segment version.


The version name that will be displayed. It is independent from the segment's version.


Whether the segment is available offline. (true:supported, false:not supported (default))
The Segment that is available without Internet access should set true.


Background settings


The polling interval for the background worker.[sec].
This is only available for worker process and when the index_worker.html exists.

Restrictions: Minimum: 300