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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
v4l2_query_ext_ctrl Struct Reference

parameter of ioctl(VIDIOC_QUERY_EXT_CTRL) More...

#include <video.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t ctrl_class
uint16_t id
uint16_t type
char name [32]
int64_t minimum
int64_t maximum
uint64_t step
int64_t default_value
uint32_t flags
uint32_t elem_size
uint32_t elems
uint32_t nr_of_dims
uint32_t dims [V4L2_CTRL_MAX_DIMS]

Detailed Description

parameter of ioctl(VIDIOC_QUERY_EXT_CTRL)

Member Data Documentation

◆ ctrl_class

uint16_t ctrl_class

Control class(not used)

◆ id

uint16_t id

Control id

◆ type

uint16_t type

◆ name

char name[32]

Name of control

◆ minimum

int64_t minimum

Minimum value

◆ maximum

int64_t maximum

Maximum value

◆ step

uint64_t step


◆ default_value

int64_t default_value

Default value

◆ flags

uint32_t flags


◆ elem_size

uint32_t elem_size

Size of each element

◆ elems

uint32_t elems

Number of elements

◆ nr_of_dims

uint32_t nr_of_dims

Number of dimensions

◆ dims

uint32_t dims[V4L2_CTRL_MAX_DIMS]


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