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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
v4l2_pix_format Struct Reference

#include <video.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t width
uint16_t height
uint32_t pixelformat
uint32_t field
uint32_t bytesperline
uint32_t sizeimage
uint32_t colorspace
uint32_t priv
uint32_t flags
union {
   uint32_t   ycbcr_enc
   uint32_t   hsv_enc
uint32_t quantization
uint32_t xfer_func

Detailed Description

Single-planar format structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ width

uint16_t width

Image width in pixels

◆ height

uint16_t height

Image height in pixels

◆ pixelformat

uint32_t pixelformat

The pixel format or type of compression.

◆ field

uint32_t field

enum v4l2_field

◆ bytesperline

uint32_t bytesperline

For padding, zero if unused

◆ sizeimage

uint32_t sizeimage

Size in bytes of the buffer to hold a complete image

◆ colorspace

uint32_t colorspace

Image colorspace

◆ priv

uint32_t priv

Private data, depends on pixelformat

◆ flags

uint32_t flags

Format flags (V4L2_PIX_FMT_FLAG_*)

◆ ycbcr_enc

uint32_t ycbcr_enc

enum v4l2_ycbcr_encoding

◆ hsv_enc

uint32_t hsv_enc

enum v4l2_hsv_encoding

◆ quantization

uint32_t quantization

enum v4l2_quantization

◆ xfer_func

uint32_t xfer_func

enum v4l2_xfer_func

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