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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
v4l2_frmsize_stepwise Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint16_t min_width
uint16_t max_width
uint16_t step_width
uint16_t min_height
uint16_t max_height
uint16_t step_height

Member Data Documentation

◆ min_width

uint16_t min_width

Minimum frame width [pixel]

◆ max_width

uint16_t max_width

Maximum frame width [pixel]

◆ step_width

uint16_t step_width

Frame width step size [pixel]

◆ min_height

uint16_t min_height

Minimum frame height [pixel]

◆ max_height

uint16_t max_height

Maximum frame height [pixel]

◆ step_height

uint16_t step_height

Frame height step size [pixel]

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