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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
sensor_event_s Struct Reference

#include <scu.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t threshold
uint16_t count0
uint16_t count1
uint16_t delaysamples

Detailed Description

Event configuration

threshold is rise/fall threshold for input data. When set this member for rise in struct scuev_notify_s, counting data if higher than threshold, and fall is vise-versa. count0 is used for prevent chattering. count1 is used for counting continuously input. When configured for rise, SCU processing as follows:

  • Counting higher value than threshold coninuously
  • If counter reached to count0, start actual couning
  • If input data fall less than threshold before reached to count0, then stop and reset counts
  • If total count is reached to count0 + count1, then raise rise event
  • If count1 is zero, then notify when count reached to count0 immediately
  • If threshold or count0 is zero, configuration is ignored

Member Data Documentation

◆ threshold

uint16_t threshold


◆ count0

uint16_t count0

Preventing counts

◆ count1

uint16_t count1

Actual counts

◆ delaysamples

uint16_t delaysamples

Event notification delay in samples

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