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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
cxd56_gnss_sv_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Collaboration diagram for cxd56_gnss_sv_s:

Public Attributes

uint16_t type
uint8_t svid
uint8_t stat
int16_t azimuth
uint8_t phase_stat
uint8_t nav_message_info
uint8_t raw_stat
uint8_t invalid_cause
uint8_t elevation
int8_t freqchannel
float siglevel
float doppler
double pseudo_range
double carrier_phase
double sv_time
float timetracked
float svclockoffset
float svclockdrift
struct cxd56_gnss_pvt_sv_pos_s svpos
struct cxd56_gnss_pvt_sv_vel_s svvel

Detailed Description

GNSS satellite data

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