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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
cxd56_gnss_receiver_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Collaboration diagram for cxd56_gnss_receiver_s:

Public Attributes

uint8_t type
uint8_t dgps
uint8_t pos_fixmode
uint8_t vel_fixmode
uint8_t numsv
uint8_t numsv_tracking
uint8_t numsv_calcpos
uint8_t numsv_calcvel
uint8_t assist
uint8_t pos_dataexist
uint16_t svtype
uint16_t pos_svtype
uint16_t vel_svtype
uint32_t possource
float tcxo_offset
struct cxd56_gnss_dop_s pos_dop
struct cxd56_gnss_dop_s vel_idx
struct cxd56_gnss_var_s pos_accuracy
double latitude
double longitude
double altitude
double geoid
float velocity
float direction
struct cxd56_gnss_date_s date
struct cxd56_gnss_time_s time
struct cxd56_gnss_date_s gpsdate
struct cxd56_gnss_time_s gpstime
struct cxd56_gnss_time_s receivetime
uint32_t priv
int8_t leap_sec
uint64_t time_ns
int64_t full_bias_ns

Detailed Description

GNSS Receiver data

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