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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
ErrorResponseParam Struct Reference

#include <audio_high_level_api.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t error_code
 Error Infomation, T.B.D.
uint16_t reserved1
 [out] reserved
uint8_t sub_module_id
 [out] for debug purpose
uint8_t module_id
 [out] Error module infomation, T.B.D.
uint32_t error_sub_code
 [out] Detailed Error Infomation, T.B.D.
uint32_t reserved2
 [out] reserved
 [out] Head part of the command packet that caused the Error

Detailed Description

ErrorResponse Result (AUDRLT_ERRORRESPONSE) parameter

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