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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
lte_api.h File Reference
#include <nuttx/config.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <nuttx/wireless/lte/lte.h>

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#define EXTERN   extern "C"


int lte_initialize (void)
int lte_finalize (void)
int lte_set_report_restart (restart_report_cb_t restart_callback)
int lte_power_on (void)
int lte_power_off (void)
int lte_radio_on_sync (void)
int lte_radio_off_sync (void)
int lte_get_netinfo_sync (uint8_t pdn_num, FAR lte_netinfo_t *info)
int lte_activate_pdn_sync (FAR lte_apn_setting_t *apn, FAR lte_pdn_t *pdn)
int lte_activate_pdn (FAR lte_apn_setting_t *apn, activate_pdn_cb_t callback)
int lte_activate_pdn_cancel (void)
int lte_deactivate_pdn_sync (uint8_t session_id)
int lte_data_allow_sync (uint8_t session_id, uint8_t allow, uint8_t roaming_allow)
int lte_get_imscap_sync (FAR bool *imscap)
int lte_get_version_sync (FAR lte_version_t *version)
int lte_get_phoneno_sync (FAR char *phoneno, size_t len)
int lte_get_imsi_sync (FAR char *imsi, size_t len)
int lte_get_imei_sync (FAR char *imei, size_t len)
int lte_get_pinset_sync (FAR lte_getpin_t *pinset)
int lte_set_pinenable_sync (bool enable, FAR char *pincode, FAR uint8_t *attemptsleft)
int lte_change_pin_sync (int8_t target_pin, FAR char *pincode, FAR char *new_pincode, FAR uint8_t *attemptsleft)
int lte_enter_pin_sync (FAR char *pincode, FAR char *new_pincode, FAR uint8_t *simstat, FAR uint8_t *attemptsleft)
int lte_get_localtime_sync (FAR lte_localtime_t *localtime)
int lte_get_operator_sync (FAR char *oper, size_t len)
int lte_get_edrx_sync (FAR lte_edrx_setting_t *settings)
int lte_set_edrx_sync (FAR lte_edrx_setting_t *settings)
int lte_get_psm_sync (FAR lte_psm_setting_t *settings)
int lte_set_psm_sync (FAR lte_psm_setting_t *settings)
int lte_get_ce_sync (FAR lte_ce_setting_t *settings)
int lte_set_ce_sync (FAR lte_ce_setting_t *settings)
int lte_set_report_simstat (simstat_report_cb_t simstat_callback)
int lte_set_report_localtime (localtime_report_cb_t localtime_callback)
int lte_set_report_quality (quality_report_cb_t quality_callback, uint32_t period)
int lte_set_report_cellinfo (cellinfo_report_cb_t cellinfo_callback, uint32_t period)
int lte_set_report_netinfo (netinfo_report_cb_t netinfo_callback)
int lte_get_errinfo (FAR lte_errinfo_t *info)
int lte_get_siminfo_sync (uint32_t option, FAR lte_siminfo_t *siminfo)
int lte_get_current_edrx_sync (FAR lte_edrx_setting_t *settings)
int lte_get_current_psm_sync (FAR lte_psm_setting_t *settings)
int lte_get_quality_sync (FAR lte_quality_t *quality)
int lte_get_cellinfo_sync (FAR lte_cellinfo_t *cellinfo)
int lte_get_rat_sync (void)
 Get RAT type. More...
int lte_set_rat_sync (uint8_t rat, bool persistent)
 Set RAT setting. More...
int lte_get_ratinfo_sync (FAR lte_ratinfo_t *info)
 Get RAT information. More...
int lte_acquire_wakelock (void)
int lte_release_wakelock (void)
int lte_get_wakelock_count (void)
int lte_send_atcmd_sync (FAR const char *cmd, int cmdlen, FAR char *respbuff, int respbufflen, FAR int *resplen)
 Send AT command to the modem. More...
int lte_factory_reset_sync (void)
int lte_set_context_save_cb (context_save_cb_t callback)
int lte_hibernation_resume (FAR const uint8_t *res_ctx, int len)