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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
audio_synthesizer_api.h File Reference

CXD5602 Audio Synthesizer API. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "audio/audio_common_defs.h"
#include "audio/audio_object_common_api.h"

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struct  AsActivateSynthesizer
union  AsSynthesizerDataDest
struct  AsSynthesizerDataDest::__st_tunnel
struct  AsInitSynthesizerParam
struct  AsSetSynthesizer
struct  AsSynthesizerMsgQueId_t
struct  AsSynthesizerPoolId_t
struct  AsCreateSynthesizerParam_t


Packet length of command
 InitSynthesizer command (#AUDCMD_INITSYN) packet length.
 StartSyn command (#AUDCMD_STARTSYN) packet length.
 StopSyn command (#AUDCMD_STOPSYN) packet length.


typedef bool(* SynthesizerCallback) (AsSynthesizerEvent evtype, uint32_t result, void *param)
typedef void(* SynthesizerDoneCallback) (AsPcmDataParam param)


enum  AsSynthesizerEvent {
  AsSynthesizerEventAct = 0 , AsSynthesizerEventInit , AsSynthesizerEventStart , AsSynthesizerEventStop ,
  AsSynthesizerEventDeact , AsSynthesizerEventSet , AsSynthesizerEventNum
enum  AsSynthesizerWaveMode {
  InvalidWave = 0xffffffff , AsSynthesizerSinWave = 0 , AsSynthesizerRectWave , AsSynthesizerSawWave ,
enum  AsSynthesizerChannelNum { AsSynthesizerMaxChannelNum = 8 }
enum  AsSynthesizerDataPath { AsSynthesizerDataPathCallback = 0 , AsSynthesizerDataPathMessage }


bool AS_CreateMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsCreateSynthesizerParam_t *param, AudioAttentionCb attcb)
 Create audio synthesizer. More...
 __attribute__ ((deprecated("\n \ \n Deprecated create API is used. \ \n Use \"AS_CreateMediaSynthesizer(AsCreateSynthesizerParam_t, \ \n AudioAttentionCb)\". \ \n \ \n"))) bool AS_CreateMediaSynthesizer(FAR AsCreateSynthesizerParam_t *param)
bool AS_ActivateMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsActivateSynthesizer *actparam)
 Activate audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_InitMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsInitSynthesizerParam *initparam)
 Init audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_StartMediaSynthesizer (void)
 Start audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_StopMediaSynthesizer (void)
 Stop audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_SetFrequencyMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsSetSynthesizer *set_param)
 Set audio synthesizer at frequency. More...
bool AS_SetEnvelopeMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsSetSynthesizer *set_param)
 Set audio synthesizer at envelope. More...
bool AS_SetMediaSynthesizer (FAR AsSetSynthesizer *set_param)
 Deactivate audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_DeactivateMediaSynthesizer (void)
 Deactivate audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_DeleteMediaSynthesizer (void)
 Deactivate audio synthesizer. More...
bool AS_ReleaseMediaSynthesizer (bool is_end)
 Deactivate audio synthesizer. More...

Detailed Description

CXD5602 Audio Synthesizer API.

CXD5602 Audio SW Team