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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
audio_outputmix_api.h File Reference

CXD5602 Audio OutputMix API. More...

#include "audio/audio_common_defs.h"
#include "memutils/memory_manager/MemHandle.h"
#include "memutils/message/MsgPacket.h"

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struct  AsOutputMixMsgQueId_t
struct  AsOutputMixPoolId_t
struct  AsOutputMixPoolId_old_t
struct  AsCreateOutputMixParam_t
struct  AsCreateOutputMixParams_t
struct  AsOutputMixDoneParam
struct  AsActivateOutputMixer
struct  AsInitOutputMixer
struct  AsDeactivateOutputMixer
struct  AsSendDataOutputMixer
struct  AsFrameTermFineControl
struct  AsInitPostProc
struct  OutputMixerCommand


 InitOutputMixer command (AUDCMD_INIT_OUTPUTMIXER) packet length.
#define LENGTH_INITMPP   5
 InitMPP command (AUDCMD_INITMPP) packet length.
 SetMPP command (AUDCMD_SETMPPPARAM) packet length.
 SetMPP command (AUDCMD_SETMPPPARAM) packet length.
 Length of Recognizer dsp file name and path.


typedef void(* OutputMixerCallback) (MsgQueId requester_dtq, MsgType msgtype, AsOutputMixDoneParam *param)
typedef void(* OutputMixerErrorCallback) (uint8_t handle)
typedef AsInitPostProc AsSetPostProc


enum  AsOutputMixerHandle { OutputMixer0 = 0 , OutputMixer1 }
enum  AsOutputMixDevice { HPOutputDevice = 0 , I2SOutputDevice , A2dpSrcOutputDevice , OutputMixDeviceNum }
enum  AsOutputMixerType { MainOnly = 0 , SoundEffectOnly , MainSoundEffectMix , OutputMixerTypeNum }
enum  AsOutputMixerPostFilter { PostFilterDisable = 0 , PostFilterEnable }
enum  AsOutputMixDoneCmdType {
  OutputMixActDone = 0 , OutputMixInitDone , OutputMixDeactDone , OutputMixSetClkRcvDone ,
  OutputMixInitPostDone , OutputMixSetPostDone , OutputMixDoneCmdTypeNum
enum  AsClkRecoveryDirection { OutputMixAdvance = -1 , OutputMixNoAdjust = 0 , OutputMixDelay = 1 }
enum  AsPostprocType { AsPostprocTypeThrough = 0 , AsPostprocTypeUserCustom , AsPostprocTypeInvalid = 0xff }


bool AS_CreateOutputMixer (FAR AsCreateOutputMixParam_t *param, AudioAttentionCb attcb)
 Create audio output mixer. More...
bool AS_CreateOutputMixer (FAR AsCreateOutputMixParams_t *param, AudioAttentionCb attcb)
 __attribute__ ((deprecated("\n \ \n Deprecated create API is used. \ \n Use \"AS_CreateOutputMixer(AsCreateOutputMixParam_t * \ \n AudioAttentionCb)\". \ \n \ \n"))) bool AS_CreateOutputMixer(FAR AsCreateOutputMixParam_t *param)
bool AS_CreateOutputMixer (FAR AsCreateOutputMixParams_t *param)
bool AS_ActivateOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsActivateOutputMixer *actparam)
 Activate audio output mixer. More...
bool AS_InitOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsInitOutputMixer *initparam)
 Init audio output mixer. More...
bool AS_SendDataOutputMixer (FAR AsSendDataOutputMixer *sendparam)
 Send audio data via outputmixer. More...
bool AS_FrameTermFineControlOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsFrameTermFineControl *ftermparam)
 Set clock recovery parameters. More...
bool AS_InitPostprocOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsInitPostProc *initppparam)
 Init Postproces DSP. More...
bool AS_SetPostprocOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsSetPostProc *setppparam)
 Set parameters Postproces DSP. More...
bool AS_DeactivateOutputMixer (uint8_t handle, FAR AsDeactivateOutputMixer *deactparam)
 Deactivate audio output mixer. More...
bool AS_DeleteOutputMix (void)
 Delete output mixer. More...
bool AS_checkAvailabilityOutputMixer (void)
 Check availability of OutputMixer. More...

Detailed Description

CXD5602 Audio OutputMix API.

CXD5602 Audio SW Team