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Spresense SDK Library v3.2.0-ebc0364
audio_frontend_api.h File Reference

CXD5602 Audio Mic Frontend API. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "audio/audio_common_defs.h"
#include "audio/audio_object_common_api.h"
#include "memutils/simple_fifo/CMN_SimpleFifo.h"

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struct  AsActivateFrontendParam
struct  AsActivateMicFrontend
struct  AsDeactivateMicFrontendParam
union  AsDataDest
struct  AsDataDest::__st_tunnel
struct  AsInitMicFrontendParam
struct  AsStartMicFrontendParam
struct  AsStopMicFrontendParam
struct  AsInitPreProcParam
struct  AsMicFrontendMicGainParam
struct  MicFrontendCommandHeader
struct  MicFrontendCommand
struct  AsMicFrontendMsgQueId_t
struct  AsMicFrontendPoolId_t
struct  AsMicFrontendPoolId_old_t
struct  AsCreateMicFrontendParam_t
struct  AsCreateMicFrontendParams_t


 Length of Recognizer dsp file name and path.
Packet length of command
 Init Mic Frontend command (AUDCMD_INIT_MICFRONTEND) packet length.
 InitPreProcessDSP command (#AUDCMD_INIT_PREPROCESS) packet length.
 SetPreProcessDSP command (AUDCMD_SET_PREPROCESS_DSP) packet length.


typedef bool(* MicFrontendCallback) (AsMicFrontendEvent evtype, uint32_t result, uint32_t sub_result)
typedef void(* FrontendDoneCallback) (AsPcmDataParam param)
typedef struct AsInitPreProcParam AsSetPreProcParam


enum  AsMicFrontendEvent {
  AsMicFrontendEventAct = 0 , AsMicFrontendEventDeact , AsMicFrontendEventInit , AsMicFrontendEventStart ,
  AsMicFrontendEventStop , AsMicFrontendEventInitPreProc , AsMicFrontendEventSetPreProc , AsMicFrontendEventSetMicGain
enum  AsMicFrontendInputDevice { AsMicFrontendDeviceMic = 0 , AsMicFrontendDeviceI2S }
enum  AsMicFrontendPreProcType { AsMicFrontendPreProcThrough = 0 , AsMicFrontendPreProcSrc , AsMicFrontendPreProcUserCustom , AsMicFrontendPreProcInvalid = 0xff }
enum  AsMicFrontendDataPath { AsDataPathCallback = 0 , AsDataPathMessage , AsDataPathSimpleFIFO }


bool AS_CreateMicFrontend (FAR AsCreateMicFrontendParam_t *param, AudioAttentionCb attcb)
 Create mic frontend. More...
bool AS_CreateMicFrontend (FAR AsCreateMicFrontendParams_t *param, AudioAttentionCb attcb)
bool AS_ActivateMicFrontend (FAR AsActivateMicFrontend *actparam)
 Activate mic frontend. More...
bool AS_InitMicFrontend (FAR AsInitMicFrontendParam *initparam)
 Init mic frontend. More...
bool AS_StartMicFrontend (FAR AsStartMicFrontendParam *startparam)
 Start mic frontend. More...
bool AS_StopMicFrontend (FAR AsStopMicFrontendParam *stopparam)
 Stop mic frontend. More...
bool AS_InitPreprocFrontend (FAR AsInitPreProcParam *param)
 Init pre process. More...
bool AS_SetPreprocMicFrontend (FAR AsSetPreProcParam *param)
 Set pre process. More...
bool AS_SetMicGainMicFrontend (FAR AsMicFrontendMicGainParam *micgain_param)
 Set Mic gain. More...
bool AS_DeactivateMicFrontend (FAR AsDeactivateMicFrontendParam *deactparam)
 Deactivate mic frontend. More...
bool AS_DeleteMicFrontend (void)
 Delete mic frontend. More...
bool AS_checkAvailabilityMicFrontend (void)
 Check availability of MicFrontend. More...

Detailed Description

CXD5602 Audio Mic Frontend API.

CXD5602 Audio SW Team