Spresense at the Electronica show in Munich Nov 15-18

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group was of course present at Electronica which is Europe’s biggest tradeshow for the electronics business. The event attracts 70000 visitors and more than 2000 exhibiting companies over 4 days in 14 gigantic halls in Munich. The Spresense team enjoyed being part of the Sony area and we met visitors from all over the world and from a range of different industry sectors.

In the Spresense area, the visitors had the opportunity to try out our new demos where the first one had a trained camera set-up to automatically recognize digits and send the tiny extracted data over the cellular LTE network to a website. The visitor could verify the results on his or her personal phone by entering the web page. The entire process was made in a matter of seconds. The demo was a clear example of that Spresense is capable of extracting relevant information in real-time from an image and only send the critical data.

The second Spresense demo displayed the performance of the new HDR camera and how well it performs during low-light conditions. The HDR camera was mounted inside a sealed black box alongside a regular camera and both visual outputs were displayed on a screen outside the box. As long as the lighting inside the box was on, the two visual outputs were practically similar. However, when turning off the light, the HDR camera was still able to show a visible image whereas the regular camera output was dark.

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