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Spresense 6-core microcontroller board with ultra-low power consumption

High-performance microcontroller board with hi-res audio, camera input, internal GPS and Edge AI support.

Spresense HDR camera board

The new Spresense HDR camera board is unprecedented in situations with large light contrasts and during low-light conditions.

  • Superior for real varying outdoor light conditions
  • High Dynamic Range (120dB)
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Low power consumption
Spresense HDR Camera 628×404Spresense HDR Camera 628×404

Made to handle large light contrasts

Spresense HDR OffSpresense HDR Off


Spresense HDR OnSpresense HDR On


Thanks to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) of the Spresense HDR camera board, the visual results in conditions with strong backlight have a stronger clarity than conventional cameras. This is typically apparent in situations with objects or parts of indoor environment against a backdrop of strong daylight.

Superior performance during low-light conditions

With 120 dB sensitivity, the Spresense HDR camera board delivers superior image quality in low-light conditions. Comparing to conventional cameras with sensors that have lower dynamic range, details and objects not possible to identify become visible with the Spresense camera.

Regular Camera Night Shot V2Regular Camera Night Shot V2

Conventional camera (Dynamic range 60 dB)

Spresense HDR Camera Night Shot V2Spresense HDR Camera Night Shot V2

Spresense HDR camera (Dyn. range 120 dB)

Spresense HDR Camera Get Started V2Spresense HDR Camera Get Started V2

Develop with the Spresense HDR camera board

The Spresense developer documentation provides the information you need to use the Spresense HDR camera in your project.

Spresense HDR camera tutorial