Spresense Workshop at TUDelft: Strong competition needs Spresense to decide the winner

Students from the Delft University of Technology participated in a Spresense Hackathon that took place on Friday, 15th of September at their Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This workshop was not just a standalone affair; it was part of a much broader initiative, a collaboration orchestrated by the Sensing Solution University Collaboration Program (SSUP) and Hackster. The goal? To foster innovation by providing universities with free Spresense hardware kits for a series of hackathons.

A Peek Behind the Workshop Curtains

Guided by Sony´s engineer Camila Souza,- and assisted by TUDELFT´S professors Jose Urra, Andjela Tomić, Jerry de Vos, and Santosh Ilamparuthi-, in this workshop participants from diverse backgrounds converged with a shared passion for Spresense technology.

The workshop's objectives were clear: To get participants acquainted with the Spresense microcontroller board, inspire creative design concepts that harness the potential of Spresense, and ultimately spark innovative projects.

Projects that Shone Bright

Six enterprising students took center stage during the workshop, presenting projects that radiated innovation:

  1. Measuring Room Temperature with Spresense: A smart solution to maintain optimal room temperature using Spresense and a temperature sensor.
  2. Advanced Tracker for Athletics on and off Track (AT-AT): A comprehensive monitoring system for athletes, offering real-time insights during training and competition.
  3. Sound Localizing Glasses for the Deaf: Glasses designed to alert individuals with hearing impairment to sounds in their environment.
  4. Outdoor Cat Repeller: An eco-friendly system to deter outdoor cats, preserving local ecosystems and garden tranquility.
  5. Player for Budget Audiophile: A cutting-edge audio system that delivers high-fidelity sound through headphones or speakers, catering to both music enthusiasts and audiophiles.

And the Winner Is...

All of the students who attended the Spresense workshop did an amazing job and gave their best effort in a short amount of time. They all achieved the goal of getting acquainted with the Spresense hardware and coming up with innovative use cases for the microcontroller board. So, the organizers decided to do something different in the event and let the Spresense hardware decide which one was the winner!

One of the organizers of the event wrote a piece of software to simulate a "spin the wheel" experience with the Spresense board and draw a random number that represented one of the students.

Below you can see the happy winner with his Sony earbuds!

Next Steps: Forging Ahead on the Path of Innovation

For those whose creative spirits were ignited by the workshop, the journey is just beginning. The University's 10-week Open Hardware Academy will create a space for open-source hardware design, development, and sharing to thrive. Here, students will be encouraged to continue the projects they initiated during the workshop.

If they decide so, participants are invited to participate in Sony's competition, offering a chance to compete against peers from other esteemed universities on February 24, 2024. The winner will be awarded a Grand Prize: a new PlayStation 5; a feature in Sony´s Developer blog and in Hackster News, and a video interview with Alex Glow of Hackster.

The competition was so strong at the Spresense Hackathon at the University of Delft in September that it took a bit of Spresense technology to choose the winner. This workshop was an afternoon of inspiration, where technology and creativity converged, birthing remarkable results that left an indelible mark on all those who participated.