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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_supl_trkdata_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t gnssid
uint8_t signalid
uint8_t svid
uint8_t cn
uint8_t codephase_ambiguty
uint8_t carriorquality_indicator
uint8_t codephase_rmserr
uint8_t multipath_indicator
uint32_t codephase
uint16_t wholechip
uint16_t fracchip
uint32_t adr
int16_t doppler

Detailed Description

SUPL tracking data

Member Data Documentation

◆ gnssid

uint8_t gnssid

[out] sv system
GPS: 0x01
SBAS : 0x04

◆ signalid

uint8_t signalid

[out] Always 0

◆ svid

uint8_t svid

[out] Satellite Id GPS: 1-32
SBAS: 120-158
QZSS_L1C/A 193-197

◆ cn

uint8_t cn

[out] CN ratio [dBHz]

◆ codephase_ambiguty

uint8_t codephase_ambiguty

Currently version not supported.

◆ carriorquality_indicator

uint8_t carriorquality_indicator

Currently version not supported.

◆ codephase_rmserr

uint8_t codephase_rmserr

Currently version not supported.

◆ multipath_indicator

uint8_t multipath_indicator

Currently version not supported.

◆ codephase

uint32_t codephase

[out] Code Phase[ms]
scale: 2-21[ms]

◆ wholechip

uint16_t wholechip

[out] Chip integer part

◆ fracchip

uint16_t fracchip

[out] Chip frac part

◆ adr

uint32_t adr

Currently version not supported.

◆ doppler

int16_t doppler

[out] Doppler [Hz]

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