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Spresense SDK Library v2.2.0-87f81d9
cxd56_gnss_sv_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Collaboration diagram for cxd56_gnss_sv_s:

Public Attributes

uint16_t type
uint8_t svid
uint8_t stat
int16_t azimuth
uint8_t phase_stat
uint8_t nav_message_info
uint8_t raw_stat
uint8_t invalid_cause
uint8_t elevation
int8_t freqchannel
float siglevel
float doppler
double pseudo_range
double carrier_phase
double sv_time
float timetracked
float svclockoffset
float svclockdrift
struct cxd56_gnss_pvt_sv_pos_s svpos
struct cxd56_gnss_pvt_sv_vel_s svvel

Detailed Description

GNSS satellite data

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

uint16_t type

[out] Using sv system, bit field; bit0:GPS, bit1:GLONASS, bit2:SBAS, bit3:QZSS_L1CA, bit4:IMES, bit5:QZSS_L1SAIF, bit6:BeiDou, bit7:Galileo
same as struct cxd56_gnss_receiver_s::svtype

◆ svid

uint8_t svid

[out] Satellite id

◆ stat

uint8_t stat

Using sv info, bit field; bit0:tracking, bit1:positioning, bit2:calculating velocity, bit3:visible satellite

◆ azimuth

int16_t azimuth

[out] Azimuth [degree]

◆ phase_stat

uint8_t phase_stat

[out] carrier phase status, bit field; bit0: unknown, bit1: valid, bit2: reset, bit3: cycle slip (Loss of Lock Indicator)

◆ nav_message_info

uint8_t nav_message_info

[out] navigation message of the satellite vehicle bit0: 1 = almanac OK, 0 = almanac NG

◆ raw_stat

uint8_t raw_stat

[out] Validity of raw measurement, bit field; bit0: doppler, bit1: pseudorange, bit2: carrierphase bit3: svtime, bit4: svClockOffset & svClockDrift bit5: svpos & svvel

◆ invalid_cause

uint8_t invalid_cause

[out] Cause of measurement invalidity, bit field; bit0: not tracked, bit1: no signal, bit2: no ephemeris bit3: clock not adjusted, bit4: before TOW locked bit5: not supported, bit6: speed limit

◆ elevation

uint8_t elevation

[out] Elevation [degree]

◆ freqchannel

int8_t freqchannel

[out] Frequency Channel (Glonass)

◆ siglevel

float siglevel

[out] CN

◆ doppler

float doppler

[out] Doppler frequency [Hz]

◆ pseudo_range

double pseudo_range

[out] Pseudo range [m]

◆ carrier_phase

double carrier_phase

[out] Carrier phase [cycle]

◆ sv_time

double sv_time

[out] received sv time in [sec]

◆ timetracked

float timetracked

[out] Time tracked[sec]

◆ svclockoffset

float svclockoffset

[out] Satellite clock offset [m] (Af0 * C)

◆ svclockdrift

float svclockdrift

[out] Satellite clock drift [m/s] (Af1 * C)

◆ svpos

[out] satellite position (ECEF)

◆ svvel

[out] satellite velocity (ECEF)



[out] Sv extra data

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