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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_gnss_dop_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Public Attributes

float pdop
float hdop
float vdop
float tdop
float ewdop
float nsdop
float majdop
float mindop
float oridop

Detailed Description

struct cxd56_gnss_dop_s - Dilution Of Precision

Member Data Documentation

◆ pdop

float pdop

Position DOP

◆ hdop

float hdop

Horizontal DOP

◆ vdop

float vdop

Vertical DOP

◆ tdop

float tdop

Time DOP

◆ ewdop

float ewdop

East-West DOP

◆ nsdop

float nsdop

North-South DOP

◆ majdop

float majdop

Stdev of semi-major axis

◆ mindop

float mindop

Stdev of semi-minor axis

◆ oridop

float oridop

Orientation of semi-major axis [deg]

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