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PlayerCommand Struct Reference

#include <audio_player_api.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t player_id
 [in] target player id Use AsPlayerId enum type
union {
   AsActivatePlayer   act_param
   AsInitPlayerParam   init_param
 [in] for InitPlayer (header.command_code==AUDCMD_INITPLAYER) (Object Interface==AS_InitPlayer)
   AsPlayPlayerParam   play_param
 [in] for PlayPlayer (header.command_code==AUDCMD_PLAYPLAYER)
   AsStopPlayerParam   stop_param
 [in] for StopPlayer (header.command_code==AUDCMD_STOPPLAYER)
   AsRequestNextParam   req_next_param
   AsSetGainParam   set_gain_param
 [in] for Adjust sound period (header.command_code==AUDCMD_CLKRECOVERY)
   AsDeactivatePlayer   deact_param
 [in] for deactivate player (header.command_code==AUDCMD_SETREADYSTATUS)

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PlayerCommand definition

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