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MemPool Class Reference
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Protected Member Functions

 MemPool (const PoolSectionAttr &attr, FastMemAlloc &fma)
bool isFailed ()
PoolId getPoolId () const
PoolType getPoolType () const
PoolAddr getPoolAddr () const
PoolSize getPoolSize () const
NumSeg getPoolNumSegs () const
NumSeg getPoolNumAvailSegs () const
SegRefCnt getSegRefCnt (NumSeg seg_no) const
void incSegRefCnt (NumSeg seg_no)
uint32_t getUsedSegs (MemHandleBase *mhs, uint32_t num_mhs)
MemHandleProxy allocSeg ()
void freeSeg (MemHandleBase &mh)

Protected Attributes

const PoolSectionAttrm_attr
RuntimeQue< NumSeg, NumSeg > m_seg_no_que
SegRefCnt *const m_ref_cnt_array


class Manager

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