Announcing The Sensing Solutions University Challenge

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The first edition of the Sensing Solutions University Challenge will take place between 13th – 15th June. The event is part of the Sensing Solutions University Program and aims to offer the chance to all partner universities from the US and EU to present their project results. Their projects are based on the exploration of innovative and sustainable use cases for the latest technologies of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Japan (SSS), such as Spresense.

The universities that are currently part of the program are the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), Duke University, and ETH Zurich. The research team of UC Davis is working to build an unmanned aerial vehicle swarm made up of drones, equipped with air quality sensors. With their drones, they aim to guard communities and combat large-scale disasters, such as forest fires.

The students from Duke University are working on a project that uses drones and in-house designed devices to identify species and measure biodiversity in the rainforest canopy. Lastly, the students from ETH are working to develop deep learning for precision algorithms in smart agriculture. During the event, the participants will underline the progress and impacts of their projects and will share a series of findings about the Spresense hardware they are making use of.

Sony’s Sensing Solution University Program is designed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Japan, and supported by Sony Developer World. It aims to build partnerships with university research groups that develop innovative and useful ways of using Spresense, Vision Sensing Processor microcontrollers, and sensors from Sony and other companies.


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