ToF AR - Time of Flight based Augmented Reality (low resolution)

ToF (Time of Flight) AR

Build the immersive world with ToF AR – an advanced toolkit for efficient AR app development

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ToF AR Use Cases

Utilizing the wide range of functions available, these are just a few examples of creation with the ToF AR toolkit.

All examples recorded with ToF AR compatible devices.

BG Change

Light up the sky! Change the background of your live video into something quite different.

Rock Paper Scissors

Play the classic game with ToF AR keeping check on both your hand and the computer contestant's moves.

Hand Decoration

An animated decoration that moves with your hands. Choose between Flame, Water, Thunder and Leaf decorations.


Challenge yourself and see how many balls you can keep in the air when you test your skills at juggling and see how long you can keep up.

Plane Touch

Make giant steps in augmented reality and see what grows in your footprints.

Textured Room

A note to your friend, or a menu at the restaurant – put an animated message or image on any surface, anywhere.

Sandbox Room

Step into the metaverse with this animated landscape overlaying the room.

Mobile VTuber

Smoothly picking up your facial expressions and even delicate hand movements, your VTube avatar acts as natural as you.

Get started

To start developing with ToF AR, you only need to install the toolkit and see the guides and you're good to go.

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