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What is ToF AR?

ToF (Time Of Flight) is the Depth information measurement technology using infrared light. Some recent smartphones have depth measurement sensors using ToF technology.

Using the Depth information through Time-of-Flight distance/Lidar measuring sensors of your smartphone or tablet, paired with available development libraries, the ToF AR toolkit library makes creating AR apps for the immersive world (AR/VR) easier.

What is different between ToF AR and AR Core/ AR Kit?

ToF AR increases accuracy the accuracy of Hand Pose recognition and Hand Gesture detection by using the Depth information.

ToF AR works on both Android OS and iOS, and is compatible with ARCore and ARKit (ToF AR supports AR Core V1.29.0 and Xcode V13.2.1).

How to use ToF AR?

ToF AR is a toolkit library intended to aid in Unity application development.

Please download the ToF AR Toolkit from Downloads, then import and use it.

For details, Please see Tutorials.

On what OS does ToF AR work?

ToF AR works on Android OS and iOS as of Ver. 1.0. Windows support is coming soon.

Which devices are compatible with ToF AR?

Please see Devices compatible with the ToF AR toolkit.

On which OS can I develop applications using ToF AR?

You can develop your ToF AR application on the Windows and Mac OS that Unity supports.

(Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, (Only 64bit), Mac OS X 10.12+, as of 2022/6)

What tool is necessary to develop a ToF AR application?

Unity2020 or Unity2021 is necessary.

(Unity2020.3.28f1 or Unity2021.2.11f1 is recommended.)

What programming language can I use to develop ToF AR applications?

The programming language used is mainly C#.

Is there any sample source code for the ToF AR application?

Sample code is published on GitHub.

ToF AR Samples Basic is the collection of simple sample applications. ToF AR Samples AR is the collection of AR sample applications.

What is the difference between TofAR_Hand package and TofAR_Base package?

TofAR_Hand package contains Hand module, and TofAR_Base contains all other modules.

For details, please see Component list.

What is ARFoundationConnector (TofAR.ThirdParty.ARFoundationConnector)?

AR Foundation is the cross-platform framework that Unity provides, to develop AR application for either Android OS or iOS. Using ARFoundationConnector, you can simultaneously use the functions of AR Foundation and ToF AR provided by Unity. ARFoundationConnector has a extended function to input Depth data, Color data and Body data from ARFoundation to ToF AR.

What is ToF AR Server?

ToF AR Server is a program to debug ToF AR applications. You can debug your application executed on Unity Editor using the data captured from the ToF camera, when ToF AR Server is executed on a smartphone.

Is there any documentation for ToF AR?

The Manual and API reference documentation are available online.

Please see Development Guides.

Where can I ask development questions?

There's a thriving community of developers over at StackOverflow who can help.

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Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

The ToF AR EULA is available here.

Can I use ToF AR for free?

The software is basically free of charge. However, if the total number of downloads exceeds 100,000 and the total revenue exceeds US$1,000,000, a royalty of 5% of the net income must be paid. If you have developed an application with ToF AR, you can notify us here when releasing or distributing it.

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