ToF AR - Time of Flight based Augmented Reality (low resolution)

ToF (Time of Flight) AR

Build the immersive world with ToF AR – an advanced toolkit for efficient AR app development

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Pistol Bang Bang Game Screenshot (low resolution)
July 11, 2023
Made with ToF AR: Pistol Bang Bang
 (low resolution)
May 30, 2023
Download ToF AR v1.3.1
 (low resolution)
April 13, 2023
What is the future of self-expression?
MarkRecog component output screen. (low resolution)
April 10, 2023
ToF AR v1.3.0: ToF AR toolkit and sample code updated
 (low resolution)
March 14, 2023
Toward the integration of real and virtual worlds
A man with a white AR face mask juggling six digital balls. (low resolution)
January 23, 2023
An Introduction to ToF AR SDK
A hand giving a glowing thumbs up in front of a background changing into a starry night. (low resolution)
January 5, 2023
ToF AR toolkit for Unity and sample code updated to v1.2.0
A hand pointing at a virtual ball in an AR environment. (low resolution)
October 3, 2022
ToF AR Server introduced for iOS devices
A man playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against the ToF AR Lab. (low resolution)
September 5, 2022
ToF AR Lab and ToF AR Samples Basic released with sample applications and source code
A man with a white AR face mask juggling six digital balls. (low resolution)
August 30, 2022
ToF AR Lab introduced for iOS devices
Fully Unity compatibile (low resolution)
June 14, 2022
Introducing a toolkit for building immersive worlds with ToF AR

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