ToF (Time of Flight) AR toolkit and sample code

Everything needed to start developing with ToF AR on your Unity projects.

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*Announcement regarding the release of the next-generation ToF AR "Pro" for organizations and ToF AR for the general public. Read more >

Build the immersive world with ease

  • Take advantage of the Depth information through Time-of-Flight distance/Lidar measuring sensors with ease using ToF AR SDK.
  • Ideal for apps requiring precise depth data and motion tracking, such as facial expressions and hand gestures.
  • Ready-to-use components to streamline the creation of AR applications.

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1. Download

Download the toolkit and ToF AR Server below.

2. Install

Install and use on your Unity projects.

3. Develop

Develop your app for Android or iOS.

4. Publish!

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The ToF AR toolkit for Unity contains a component manager and library, as well as a visualization prefab that displays the results.

It's compatible with Android and iOS, and you can import your existing Unity project to complete them with the ToF AR.

Download the latest release
VTuber avatar with dichromatic eyes waves at the camera.

Debug Tools

The ToFARServer retrieves data from the ToF camera for Unity Editor application debugging.


Older versions of ToF AR.

ToF AR Sample Apps – binaries and source code

Below you can dig into the code of a couple of the example apps available on the Apps page.

ToF AR Samples Basic

ToF AR Samples Basic is a collection of applications to try out the functions available.

Source code for ToF AR Samples Basic

ToF AR Samples AR

The ToF AR Samples AR application contains samples of the ToF AR functions

Source code for ToF AR Samples AR.

Compatibility and license

Compatible devices

The ToF AR can be used on these smartphones and tablets.


The End User Licence Agreement for ToF AR is available here