ToF (Time of Flight) AR

Build the immersive world with ToF AR – an advanced toolkit for efficient AR app development

Download ToF AR toolkit

*Announcement regarding the release of the next-generation ToF AR "Pro" for organizations and ToF AR for the general public. Read more >

ToF AR apps

Experience immersive AR with ToF AR.

Made for Android and iOS, utilizing the Unity libraries, these are some of the apps we want to highlight.

Apps developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

ToF AR Server

An application used to develop applications using the ToF AR toolkit.

ToF AR Samples Basic

A simple sample application that showcases the ToF AR functions.

ToF AR Lab

A collection of exciting sample applications and games that show some of the range of ToF AR functionality. Learn more.

For developers

Do not miss out on the page dedicated to the ToF AR SDK, example code, and more.

To utilize the full potential of the ToF AR, please use one of the compatible devices.

Pistol Bang Bang

Two reaction games using the ToF AR hand recognition. Developed by Yusaku Eigen.

  • Available on iOS