ToF (Time of Flight) AR

Build the immersive world with ToF AR – an advanced toolkit for efficient AR app development

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*Announcement regarding the release of the next-generation ToF AR "Pro" for organizations and ToF AR for the general public. Read more >

Build the immersive world with Time of Flight – ToF AR

Using the Depth information through Time-of-Flight distance/Lidar measuring sensors of your smartphone or tablet, paired with available development libraries, the ToF AR toolkit library makes creating AR apps for the immersive world (AR/VR) easier.

Key advantages

Detailed depth mapping

Advanced depth mapping

Increase the realism of a virtual object with the ToF AR advanced depth mapping for detailed scanning and precise placing in the environment.

Sophisticated hand tracking.

Precision hand tracking

The joint and finger position detection enables precision tracking of gestures to control an avatar, identify hand signs, draw in the air and more – even if the fingers occasionally are hidden.

Fully Unity compatibile

Easy development with Unity

Incorporating the Unity Libraries for mobile AR app development with the ToF Sensor gives you a wide range of capabilities including game design, architecture, film making and industrial manufacturing. Sample code is available on Github and is easily integrated with the Unity Libraries.

ToF AR is compatible with ARKit and ARCore


The ToF AR is compatible with industry standards such as ARCore and ARKit, and can be used on a wide range of devices >


The ToF AR components can be used either by themselves or in combination. Each component controls the stream of specific data like hand and finger position, or functionality such as getting 3D coordinates.

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ToF AR use cases


Test your skills at juggling and see how many balls you kan keep in the air – without worrying about breaking a window.

SandBox Room

Step right into the metaverse with this animated virtual landscape overlaying the room with sights and sound.

Mobile VTuber

Smoothly picking up your facial expressions and even delicate hand movements, your VTube avatar acts as naturally as you.

These use just a small portion of the functions available. For more inspiration, see our sample list of use cases >

Get started

To start developing with ToF AR, you only need to install the toolkit and see the guides and you're good to go.

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