It’s easy to get developer support from Sony. Depending on your question, there are a few different channels you can use.

Stack Overflow

Check out Stack Overflow for questions concerning programming problems, software algorithms, or software tools used by programmers. There we have a team of Sony engineers scouting daily for new questions. We take pride in helping third party developers as much as we can.


Browse and search through 100’s of answers

You can easily find all questions and answers tagged for Sony products or services by going to our Stack Overflow page. Here we have gathered all questions and answers related to Sony products, in an easy to overview list. Once questions are added to Stack Overflow they appear on this page instantly.

Post a question on Stack Overflow

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can easily post a question yourself. Just remember to tag the question with Sony so that our engineers can find it. This way, your question and our answer can be shared, viewed and used by other people.

Please note that only questions concerning programming problems, software algorithms, or software tools used by programmers, should be posted on Stack Overflow. For other areas, please see the forums presented below.

Support forum

Do you have a question that that doesn’t fit the criteria mentioned above for Stack Overflow? The Sony Support Forum offers support on product-related questions and many other areas. The developer section provides support on several developer related topics such as Theme creator, SmartEyeglass and unlocking your boot loader. For a more detailed description of when to use which forum take a look at our Support Forum page.


Camera Development FAQ

Sometimes we see the same questions asked on repeated occasions. In the Camera Development FAQ section, you’ll find all the most common questions and answers related to camera development.