What is the future of self-expression?

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FUTURE PROOF partners with young creative leaders to investigate how technology is impacting the future of experiences, culture, education, and entertainment.

We ask our partners “what is the future of self-expression?” and find the answers in two Sony projects that use technology to support the future: mocopi, a wearable from Sony that allows you to use your mobile device for full-body motion capture, and ToF AR, a software developer kit from Sony that uses depth sensing technology and other sensors on your mobile device with AI modelling to fluidly, accurately, and beautifully replicate your facial expressions and hand movements.

Watch the FUTURE PROOF video to learn how these technologies can be used to make virtual avatars more lifelike and responsive to your movements.

Anyone can be a VTuber

Anyone can be a VTuber, across all gender, age, and even language boundaries. It’s a worldwide growing community of creative people.

It’s much easier to express yourself physically through a digital avatar than you might think! Move freely as your 3D avatar, and experience a new form of creative physical self-expression. Use ToF AR to capture even very subtle expressions in your face and hands.

Hobbyists can get started for free with the ToF AR toolkit for Unity Personal.