Welcome to the new Developer World!


We are happy and excited to present the new Developer World site, one new Developer World for all Sony products! The Developer World website is an essential part of Sony’s developer outreach, and this is a step towards improving our service and your experience as a developer.

Instead of having two Developer World portals, developer.sonymobile.com and developer.sony.com, we will now merge all content into developer.sony.com, which will have a new and improved feel.

The new developer.sony.com aims to combine the strengths of our previous sites, making it easier for developers and potential business partners to discover what Sony has to offer in terms of developing for Sony. Our goal has always been to assist third party developers worldwide and with this new site we hope to make it easier for you as a developer to find the tools, knowledge and technical support that you need.

We hope you enjoy the new look and features of the Developer World!

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