VerbaVoice uses SmartEyeglass to create a live communication service

Sony and VerbaVoice are collaborating on a project to provide live audio transcriptions and translations on SmartEyeglass. VerbaVoice, a company providing accessibility services through technology, have created an app, LiveCap, which converts speech into text and, also, provides language translations. These captions are superimposed on the SmartEyeglass. If you wear the SmartEyeglass at a speaker event, you could receive the speech as text on your SmartEyeglass, or even translated into a language you can understand.

LiveCap speech-to-text and translation captions on SmartEyeglass
The LiveCap app, released on Google Play shortly, connects with SmartEyeglass, a Bluetooth-connected Xperia™ device, and the VerbaVoice Cloud. The audio from a presentation at an event, for example, is live streamed through LiveCap to the speech-to-text transcribers, who provide captions that are displayed on SmartEyeglass. This is a move towards accessible participation for hearing impaired audiences as well as international communication.

VerbaVoice and Sony Mobile at IFA launching automated use cases
The LiveCap app can also provide captions generated by automatic speech recognition as well as automatic live-translation of the captions into various languages. This is now being shown at in Berlin (4-9th September), one of the world’s largest global trade shows for consumer electronics. Engagement and participation is dramatically increased as the viewer does not need to look away from the speaker to understand what is being said at the event.

The VerbaVoice set up LiveCap uses SmartEyeglass to provide a speech-to-text solution using a Bluetooth-connected Xperia device

LiveCap and VerbaVoice technology awarded several prizes
The technique used in the LiveCap application has been recognised for its innovation with multiple awards, among them the prestigious title GründerChampion (Founder Champion) at the KfW-Award 2014. In 2015, VerbaVoice was among the finalists of the German Innovation Prize, an award under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Work and develop using SmartEyeglass
Anyone can download the SmartEyeglass SDK to create new applications that will enhance the functionality and explore new uses for SmartEyeglass. You can also purchase the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 from Sony.

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