ToF AR v1.3.0: ToF AR toolkit and sample code updated

MarkRecog component output screen. (low resolution)

ToF AR v1.3.0

ToF AR v1.3.0 toolkit library for Unity is now released with new features and improved accuracy.

This release has an updated Hand library with improved hand feature point position recognition, even when both hands are close together, and more accurate gesture recognition. Unity compatibility is updated and Unity 2022 is now supported.

Make sure to keep your ToF AR toolkit up to date!

Read about the changes and new features for this release on the ToF AR v1.3.0 download page.

Debug with ToF AR Server

ToF AR Server is also updated for ToF AR v1.3.0 and adds some new and improved functions.

Install and run ToF AR Server on your mobile device to fetch data from the ToF camera and other live inputs, and then connect the device to Unity Editor running on your PC to debug your ToF AR applications running in Unity Editor. This way, it is not always necessary to create a new build, making it much faster and easier to debug and troubleshoot your applications.

You can build it yourself from source code or download it ready to go on compatible devices.

Updated sample apps

We have also updated some of our sample apps for ToF AR v1.3.0. Run the apps on your mobile device, and get the source code on GitHub.

ToF AR Samples Basic is a collection of sample applications that use the functions of ToF AR.