ToF AR Lab introduced for iOS devices

A man with a white AR face mask juggling six digital balls.

ToF AR Lab

We have released ToF AR Lab on the Apple App Store with six sample applications to show the range of ToF AR functionality for compatible iOS devices.

For example, learn to juggle at the same time you learn about ToF AR directly in your phone!

ToF AR Lab for Android is coming soon on Google Play.

ToF AR Samples Basic

We are proud to share ToF AR Samples Basic with sample applications to try out the functions of ToF AR.

The app is available for compatible iOS devices, and source code and examples are available to application developers.

ToF AR toolkit for AR developers update

The ToF AR toolkit library for Unity AR, providing application developers with tools to start building immersive worlds, will be updated to version 1.1.0 on September 14.

As well as adding support for even more devices, the Color component will now support RGBA format and the Face component will recognize the line of sight direction.