Sony's new open source dev board at the Maker Faire

Spresense FeaturedSpresense Featured

At this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo California, May 18-20, Sony will be showcasing a range of demos for the “Spresense” development board. Spresense is the product name of the board that previously went by the project name “Spritzer”. The compact board is ideal for IoT use cases and combine features such as integrated GPS, hi-res audio codec, 8 mic inputs and a multicore microprocessor with very low power consumption characteristics.

The Spresense board is extremely versatile and caters to both fresh as well as advanced developers, with support for both the Arduino IDE and the Eclipse IDE. Alongside the main board there will also be an extension board available, making Spresense compatible with a long list of Arduino compatible shields.


Key features of the Spresense main board

  • Integrated GPS
    The embedded GNSS has support for GPS and GLONASS and enables applications where tracking is required.
  • Hi-res audio output and 8 mic inputs
    Advanced 192kHz/24 bit audio codec and amplifier for audio output, and support for up to 8 mic input channels.
  • Multicore microcontroller
    Spresense is powered by Sony’s CXD5602 microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4F × 6 cores), with a clock speed up to 156 MHz.


Ready to meet the future demands of IoT

With the increase of use cases in need of support for positioning and audio input/output, Spresense is designed to meet the future of IoT. There will be a range of add-on module boards to equip the main board with the required features needed for each use case, such as BLE, Wi-Fi, LTE, camera module and accelerometer sensors.

The Spresense development board is planned for sales introduction at the end of July starting in Japan, with US and EU to follow soon thereafter. The camera module will be introduced during the fall. To see more details of the Spresense main board and the extension board, please visit the Spresense specification page.

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