Sony’s Theme Creator now updated with new features

Theme Creator Post ImageTheme Creator Post Image

Today we have released a new version of our popular Theme Creator tool, which lets you build professional-looking themes for Xperia™ devices. Keep reading to catch up on the new features and don’t forget to download the latest release.

Now featuring video support

You can now play videos in your live wallpaper. Why settle for only images when you can truly make your wallpaper feel alive with videos. A video can be used just like an image. All attributes can be applied to a video, like scale, rotation and alpha, and it can even be part of an animation effect.

A video is a type of asset and we have introduced a new tree view for assets in the live wallpaper editor. To add an asset, click the add button and pick a video file, an image file or create a new image. Check out the six step guide below to get started using videos.

  1. To use an asset in a layer, from the layer tree click the add button and choose “Select asset”.
  2. Select the asset you want to use and a new layer will be added that is using the asset.
  3. You can choose when a video should start playing by editing the video asset.
  4. This video starts when the wallpaper is created and loops forever.
  5. You can also see which layers are using a specific asset. As long as an asset is used by a layer, it cannot be removed.
  6. We can see that two layers are using this asset. One is using it as its base image and the other one is using it in an animation effect.

Screen shots and video recording

We have added the option to take screen shots and record videos of your live wallpaper in action from within the wallpaper editor. This will make it easier for you to create professional looking material for promoting your theme.

“On exit app”

We have added a new activation condition that is activated when exiting an app and returning to the home screen. It is also activated when the screen is rotated.

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