Sony is showing interactive digital signage system at CES

Mitene CESMitene CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 9-12, the Sony Developer World team will be showcasing an interactive digital signage system called Mitene. The Mitene system has all the features you’d expect from a regular digital signage solution, such as animations and remote update of contents. On top of all this, it also engages the visitors at a whole new level using augmented reality. This means that the visitors become part of the content and can interact with it through the use of face and body detection, gesture recognition and special effects in 4K resolution.

With the ability to capture the attention of people passing by, Mitene is ideal for product promotions and brand building. It engages an audience far beyond what a regular non-digital display or conventional digital signage system can do. The Mitene system is installed in 350+ locations in Japan and China in a variety of settings, ranging from retail environment to sports arenas. The system is now being introduced on the European and US markets.

Sony will have two Mitene systems up and running in our main booth (booth #17300 in Central Hall). On these there will animations and effects running to show off some of the latest Sony products.

If your company is interested in the next generation digital signage solution, send us an email at mitene-info(a) and we’ll schedule a personal demo session with you in the booth.

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