SmartEyeglass inspirational demo by APX Labs

With true augmented reality available in SmartEyeglass, this wearable is perfect for use in professional markets, as well as in niche consumer segments, to help solve specific tasks in specific use cases. At CES in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, some examples of this were shown in a collaborative demo made by APX Labs and Sony. Check out the video above to see how SmartEyeglass could be used in business verticals, to help perform certain work duties.

APX Labs is a company that builds solutions to deliver real-time hands-free access to information. With custom-made applications, business professionals can have their work tasks enhanced in many ways by using a hands-free, augmented reality device such as SmartEyeglass. Typical use cases could include warehouse logistics, surveillance of machines within an industry, or to get vital information about patients in a hospital directly in the field of view.

APX Labs’ Skylight enterprise smart glasses platform integrates with several SAP products, such as HANA and Work Manager. The idea is to bring hands-free access to mission-critical data right where work is being done.

See the potential of SmartEyeglass for your business
To learn more about the possibilities SmartEyeglass brings, check out the SmartEyeglass SDK Developer Preview. There you will find detailed information about SmartEyeglass, as well as a number of in-depth tutorials and guides to get you started developing SmartEyeglass apps. The SmartEyeglass SDK also includes a SmartEyeglass emulator to make it easy to develop and verify apps without having the actual hardware at hand.

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