Released: AOSP Build Instructions for Android 14

We are delighted to announce the release of AOSP build instructions for Android 14!

As we did for previous versions, we're thrilled to guide you through building AOSP for your unlocked Xperia devices, now with Android 14.

The Xperia Open Source Project (Xperia Open Devices) is an initiative created to guide developers step-by-step on how to build AOSP for their unlocked Xperia devices. Our instructions will show you how to prepare your environment, how to download all the necessary tools, and how to download and configure the code before you can build AOSP images and flash them on your own device.

Our guides are based on Ubuntu (we used Ubuntu 18.04 LTS), but it should work in a similar way on any Linux-based system. To be able to use these instructions, you should also be familiar with Android Development.

You can find the guide on our AOSP build instructions page, where we update instructions on a regular basis, once we add new devices and software patches.

Unlock the potential of your Xperia device with our new AOSP build instructions for Android 14!

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