Announcing the release of our next-generation AR SDK - ToF AR Pro

Thank you for your interest in ToF AR SDK.

Since its launch in June 2022, ToF AR SDK has been downloaded by a large number of app developers, and we are very happy to hear many positive comments and receive great feedback from developers around the world.

To further enhance the functionality, we are excited to announce that we release our next generation AR SDK, ToF AR Pro. It will be available for organizations for a fee in early 2024. We will post more details about this new service on our website, so please stay tuned for more news from us.

The free version (*1) of the ToF AR SDK will remain available to developers.

*1: Basically free of charge, but as stated in the EULA, a royalty of 5% of the net income must be paid if the number of downloads exceeds 100,000 and the gross Revenue exceeds US$1,000,000.

<Updated Dec 1, 2023>

Site Migration

After December 31, 2023, the official homepage for ToF AR will be migrated from Sony Developer World, to a new website under Sony Music Solutions Inc. Download and support for ToF AR SDK will be supported by the new website. The new URL of ToF AR official homepage will be announced in another post.