Paul Bouchara is our latest Hero Open Source Developer

Meet Paul Bouchara, our latest Hero Developer! Paul receives this award for building great custom Android ROMs based on Sony’s Open Devices program.

The Hero Open Source Developer program was initiated in 2015. It is our way of recognizing developers who make significant contributions to Sony’s Open Source Program. A new Hero Developer is named every four months. Awardees receive a brand new Xperia device and a profile here on the site.

Customizing the perfect fit

Paul is 19 years old and lives in Toulouse, France, where he studies engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences. He started his adventures in customization at the age of 11:

– I’ve always wanted to have full control of my devices beyond what the manufacturer provided, he says.

After trying out Sony Open Devices code for some time, Paul started creating customizations for his Xperia XZ, “adding a few things here and there”. He contributed to the Sony Open Source program and with the help of the community built several custom ROMs. Once he reached “the perfect fit”, Paul ported with the help of Angelo Gioacchino del Regno, making his custom ROM available for all:

– I use my Sony Open Devices-based ROM daily and really enjoy it, he says.

We hope that Paul keeps contributing to the Sony Open Source program and wish him all the best in his studies and future career.

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