Otii - power optimization made easy

Back in December we highlighted that the beta version of the power optimizing desktop app Otii was released for trial with Nordic Semiconductor´s Power Profile Kit. Qoitech, the team behind Otii, has now released their new solution including the Otii desktop app and their own measuring hardware Otii Arc.

The philosophy behind Otii is that anybody engaged in IoT development should be able to fine-tune and optimize device power consumption, without the need or knowledge of elaborate and expensive lab equipment. The focus has been to create a solution for developers that is intuitive to use at reasonable cost.

Otii lets developers anywhere in the stack measure, visualize and analyze energy consumption during development. The system measures energy usage in real time, and lets you record and display multiple measurements and logs for comparison and regression testing. It also lets you save and share projects with teammates or suppliers who can use the free Otii viewer to review your data. The premium version of Otii allows you to profile and emulate different battery types. The desktop app works on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Qoitech has since our last update transformed into a full-fledged Sony Group Company. For orders and more information, visit the Qoitech web site.

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