Obeida Shamoun selected as our latest Hero Open Source Developer

We are happy to announce our latest Hero Open Source Developer, Obeida Shamoun. He has earned this award for being a long time contributor and for his extensive work in the community.

The Hero Open Source Developer program was started in 2015 and works towards recognizing developers that have made significant contributions based on Sony’s AOSP for Xperia projects. Once every three months we select a new winner.

Obeida Shamoun

Obeida Shamoun is a 26 years old developer living in Wiesbaden, Germany. He started programming during his final years in high school, which later led him to a computer science degree from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Obeida has been a long time contributor to the Sony open source projects, where he mainly has worked on the Loire family of devices. His latest contributions included bug fixes on the Loire platform and patching the mainline open source Broadcom Wi-Fi driver to become usable on devices of that platform.

He has done a great job and we want to acknowledge him by awarding him as a Hero Open Source Developer, congratulations! If you want to become our next Hero Open Source Developer, see the links below to learn how.

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