NuttX International Workshop - Exploring the Power of Spresense

The NuttX International Workshop is an event dedicated to the Apache NuttX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), and it celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2023. This year's event took place on the 29th and 30th of September at FEEC/Unicamp in Campinas, Brazil.

One of the presentations was an insightful introduction to Spresense, held by Sony engineers Camila Souza and Alin Jerpelea, in a hybrid 3-hour workshop. In this hands-on session, the engineers demonstrated how to install Apache NuttX for Sony Spresense boards.

The on-site participants proceeded to execute installation instructions and application cases step by step, with any challenges encountered being assisted by on-site organizers with a strong knowledge of NuttX.

To ensure interaction with the process and mastery of each stage, Camila proposed a fun challenge: to take a selfie using Spresense and successfully view the image on their computers. The participants embraced this challenge with enthusiasm and even shared their selfies on the NuttX Instagram page @nuttxchannel.

This workshop was broadcast on the NuttX YouTube channel, and the presenter actively engaged with questions from the YouTube audience, guaranteeing a strong and welcoming learning atmosphere.

In this 'Sony Spresense Hands-On' session, participants expressed positive feedback for Spresense. The technical presentations, hands-on practice, and challenge provided a rewarding experience for participants, underlining the Spresense project's development possibilities.

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