New version of Android P Beta is now available

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A few weeks ago we announced the release of Android P Beta for Xperia XZ2 devices. Today we release the Android P Beta 2 software. If you already have previous Beta version flashed on your Xperia XZ2 device you’ll get an over-the-air update. If not, visit our Android P Beta site to see how to get started.

Android P is the next version of Android, which will become available to consumers later this year. Use the Beta version to test your apps with the new features of Android P, to ensure they’re compatible with the upcoming version of Android. You also have the opportunity to send feedback on the software. The goal of the Beta version is to gather feedback from the developer community to improve and iterate on the platform.


The updated software

The updated software version is called PDP-PKQ1.180513.001-10128 and since last release we have corrected the following issues:

  • Small difference in max vs min volume during call
  • Microphone stops working
  • Wireless Charging on XZ2 not fully recognized
  • SD-cards formatted with exFAT are not recognized
  • Nightlight is not triggered correctly when using sunset to sunrise setting
  • GPS not working on some units
  • 4G+ can cause the modem to crash
  • Tethering/Wifi Hotspot makes the system unstable

To see the full update specifications visit the Latest updates & Known issues site.


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